Welcome to Sjøteknologen! 


Hello, I am Kent Tovaas, founder and daily leader of marine-services company.


Sjøteknologen provides a wide range of marine activities: 

Nothernlight hunting, Whales sightseening and Fishing tours

FishRep and Enviroment projects assistance

Guard-service, Rescue and Support marine emergency operations


In case of emergency call me directly: 0047 48 88 54 44

You can be sure – we are a experienced professionals, safety is our first priority.

Sjøteknologen – your majestic adventure!

Whaling and nothern light hunting cruises. Fantastic islands and fjords sightseening. Fishing events.

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Join our breathtaking cruise leaving from Tromsø to experience a most beautifull planet effect – marine nothern light or aurora borealis. Take a look on a gorgeus whales in their natural enviroment. Observe a wonderfull fjords and islands – truly treasures of Norwegian land.


We are exclusevly offers a sertified safe procedures.

Personal safety equipment and training drill on every departure.

Licenced JNCC maritime mammal observer onboard.


Great adventure awaits you in Tromsø twice a day from November to January...


MMO observation services

Ecology and enviroment projects assistance


Leave your contact if you need our service or have any question

JNCC certified fishery liasson officers at your service.

Licensed for all 3 regions in norwegian water, Barents/Arctic sea included. Our personell has 12 years experience and a most modern equipment.


This is a service we are proud to be experts on.



Rescue Team and Support marine operations

Sjøteknologen fleet consist of 2010 model 28 feet Valiant passenger rib, ready to held 12 persons, equipped with 350hp Mercruiser resulting 50 knots. 


Another one is a SAR vessel, 2015 Nor Safe 7.50 with 350hp Yanmar diesel installed, 300 nautical miles range and 35 knots operating speed.


Thanks our fleet, we operates in rough and extreme weather conditions.